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John SmithWe went on an organised full day glass bottom boat trip to the marine park on J’adore Seychelles Glass Bottom boat. The skipper and crew were very pleasant and knowledgeable. Fairly shallow so easy viewing and for photographing. There is no real need for previous snorkeling experience – even the kids took to it ! The variety and color of fish in the water are so clearly visible whilst you swim these waters and we were lucky enough to see some small small sharks and manta rays Shore based stop included walking around Moyenne island which is also a protected nature reserve, and said hello to a couple of with wandering giant land tortoises. Good seychellois BBQ lunch was served on the beach before returning to Mahe fantastic and highly recommended

Jessica BrownJust back from our first visit to the Seychelles. After reading the positive reviews about J’adore Seychelles.com, we were able to book them for the Praslin & La Digue island hopping excursion and we were amazed at their guide’s vast knowledge about every thing on both the islands. He was prompt, he was courteous and friendly, and he went out of his way to provide us with any personal wishes. We both liked him and the tour very much, and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a comprehensive tour of these two beautiful islands. We learned that he is justifiably very popular, so book early if you want to get the best.

James ClarkOur day trip to La Digue organised by the Jadore Seychelles team was amazing. This beautiful island is the jewel of Seychelles and you mustn’t miss viewing it. The ferry trip by ferry from Mahe direct to La Digue is not long and along the way we saw dolphins and even some rays as the sea was so clear. La Digue has one of the most photographed beaches in the world called Anse Source d’Argent. Bike Rentals at the jetty are part of the excursion price bikes. Make your bike first stop at Grand Anse which is again one of the best beaches you will see in Seychelles (in the world actually) and then carry on to Anse Source d’Argent. You can also the L’Union Estate where you can see the giant tortoises, the Mansion House and the Vanilla Plantation. A thoroughly enjoyable day and we were very well looked after by knowledgeable guides.

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