Big Game Fishing charters for up to 7 Days living on board

Our specialist Big Game fishing boat is available for up to seven days private charter for a maximum of 6 people, excluding the crew.

Our big game fishing boat is a specialised big game fishing boat, kitted out with everything needed for a high octane fishing expedition. We use high quality fishing equipment that includes 6 big game fishing rods and harness, 1 fighting chair and out-riggers for Marlin and other big game fish.

Our boat is managed by a licenced experienced skipper and crew members, who are very familiar with the continental shelf drop-off points where all the big game fish are located and their knowledge knowledge of very productive fishing grounds of the coast of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue is based on numerous successful fishing expeditions for Marlin, Sailfish and other notable large fighting fish.

We would be very pleased to offer our guests the services of this outstanding boat for a 3 to 7 day live-in Big Game Fishing charter



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