Main Island Mahe Full Day Tour


Full Day Tour of Mahe with a Private Driver
Our Full Day Tour of Mahe with a Private Driver offers you the possibility to discover Mahe Island and its treasures. This full day tour excursion is a not to miss opportunity to visit the main island in the Seychelles archipelego that is steeped in historical monuments and sites that are linked to its colonial past, as well as breathtaking panoramic stop point views, pristine rain forests, unique fauna and beautiful secluded beaches around every cove.



09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs : Your driver will collect you from your residence/hotel in our private car.

This excursion around the island will include the following :

A visit to the Mahe Craft Village where you will see many handmade artefacts made by local craftsman portraying a taste of the Seychelles.

A tour of the south of the Mahe to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called “Anse Soleil” where you can have a drink and a stroll on the beach.

You will then continue to “Port Glaud” which is situated on the extreme northern point of the island, with its panoramic view and beautiful secluded beaches, stopping of for any photo opportunity that you wish.

The drive will take you up the “Sans Soucis” road which will take you through unique tropical fauna and pristine rain forest.

You will also make a stop at the world famous “Mission Point” which its beautiful panoramic view. This protected area was made famous when Queen Elizabeth enjoyed a cup of tea during a royal visit when the Seychelles Islands were a British colony between the periods of 1845 to 1977. There you will also see the unique “Blood Trees” as well as a large variety of exotic flowers and trees, such as the Cinnamon and Acacia trees.

You will also be taken to visit the Seychelles Tea Plantation, where you can enjoy a taste of the Seychelles Vanilla tea which has a unique natural fresh taste, and you can purchase a variety of teas from the plantation centre.

13:00 : This will be a lunch time Stop for around 1 hour at a restaurant serving typical Seychellois cuisine.

After lunch you will be taken to Victoria the Capital of Mahe Island, which is one of the smallest capital towns in the world. This is where you will see an identical but miniaturized working of London’s “Big Ben” clock tower as a centerpiece of the town. This is a striking aspect of this town’s historic colonial past.

You will be taken to visit Victoria Market, which is the thriving and bustling heart of Victoria. This market is full of colour, from its fish stand selling vast array of ” catches of the day” from the local fishermen, to a multitude market stalls selling locally grown spices and vegetables. This is where you will also experience the warmth and friendliness of the Seychellois people as they go around their business. On the first floor of the market there are a multitude of local shops selling all types of local souvenirs and garments.

Your tour will also include a stop at the Botanical Gardens where you can meander through beautifully maintained tropical gardens that include a wide collection of mature trees such as Coco-de-Mer Palms and other exotic fauna and tropical flowers that are endemic to the Seychelles.

Your drive will also include a drive along the northern coastal road where a stop will be at the Seychelles Perfume Factory, after which your tour will continue along this picturesque road up to the world famous Beauvallon Beach. This is by far the largest beach in the Seychelles where a number of hotels are situated, and hosts a large variety of seaside activities such as water skiing, paragliding, scuba diving etc.

There will be a stop for a drink at Beauvallon beach and a stroll on the beach.

The trip will then continue to Belombre where the road ends, where tourists can start a wonderful nature trail hike to another beautiful beach called “Anse Majore” (not included in this day tour but which is something that is highly recommended as one of our separate daily excursions).

At the end of the day our driver will take you back, if possible along a different course, back to your residence/hotel, at around 17:00 hrs.

Please note this is a proposed itinerary, but we are happy to take into consideration any other request to be included in this very enjoyable day out.


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